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Cosmic Mercy not only rocks, but comes complete with guitar monster need for batteries here!!!  This band plays aggressively with hypnotic grooves and smokey blues.  They sing magical harmonies and their original tunes are a la Pink-Flyodesque psychedelia to Stevie Ray guitar work with a King Crimsonish synchronicity.

Cosmic Mercy will take you 'there' with several sets of smokin' originals and 'special' covers (depending on the event) done the Cosmic Mercy way.

This is definitely a 'Not To Be Missed' band when they come your way.  If you can not make it to a show....check out the Cosmic Mercy Store for their latest CD.


Ken Sealy - Lead Guitar & Vocals - Ken has a sound that falls somewhere between Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray - a great place to find yourself!!  Ken played with Zigaboo Modeliste (from the Original Meters), who considers Kenny one of the best kept secrets in the Bay Area.  His sound is unforgetable and he writes many of the Cosmic Mercy original tunes.
Eric Cragin - Guitar & Vocals - Eric is the other half of the writing team in Cosmic Mercy.  Eric believes that the beautiful element of improvisation is what takes a good band even higher.  With that in mind, he tends to write songs that leave room for longer jams when playing live.  His lyrics sing of hope, but dig deep with some dark tones.
Michael Oliver - Drums - Michael has played with many bands around the San Francisco Bay Area, including Miko, Prince's guitarist from The Revolution.  His unique style and arrangements keep everyone on their toes.  He is a drum monster who knows how to be subtle.
John Rogstad - Bass -
"Fills the bottom end of the groove with taste and authority" 
Neal Roston - Keyboard & Organ - The newest member of Cosmic Mercy brings great jamming ability,beautiful melodies,and old school depth to the band. As a bonus, he can also sing lead and harmony to give the band a new feel to their already rich sound......

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