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When It's Good by Eric Cragin
Why don't you speak your mind, do you find that it's hard to do.
Too many critics all around with not much to do but bring you down
Don't let them get you down. Don't let them get into your head. 
Because you know how it feels when it's good
Wishing that this moment could go on, like you're one with the world and then it's gone.
How do we feel right now with the echoes still ringing in our head?
 Of history being made, right before our eyes.
Of lessons we have learned (or not learned as the case may be)
Take a good look all around,
 Do you see equality happening all around you? No way.  
Cause if you don't do it, nobody will.
And if you don't say it, nobody will.
If you don't try, there's no place to run.
So if you don't do it, it won't get done. 

Last Time I Saw Lulu by Ken Sealy

First time I saw Lulu, she was looking pretty fine. 
Her Joan Jett thang was happenin'; all the men they stood in line.
She said her old man was in prison, and I thought about taking up his slack,
But I was more than a little intimidated by the monkey I saw on her back.

Last time I saw Lulu, it left me feeling just a little sad.
That Tenderloin run-around had the girl looking a little bad.
She said she'd come into money, and that everything was going great.
But if you ask me, the girl's ship came in about two years too late.

River of Life by Eric Cragin
Well I've been down this road before.
Seen my share and plenty more.
The times are changing,
It's tough to feel a part of¦daily sound bites and manufactured art.
Getting in your little comfort zone
Like finding your way back home
Sometimes you tap into something real
You can't quite explain it, but you can feel it now.
All around you now.

When was the last time that you plugged into something real?
Some genuine emotion that made you feel
Like you drowned in the heat of a rhythm
Like you found the secret inside
Lay down in the sea of rhythm
Lay down in the River of Life

(Repeat last verse)

Those That We Touch by Eric Cragin

I don't know how to start this song for my friend
Don't know who needs to say it but it needs to be said
There's a lot of people worried about this road that you're on 
Because a lot of us have walked in those shoes you put on, every day

So you run all over creation because you don't know what you're looking for
But you think that you might find it, if you stay out late enough
But things aren't quite that simple when you're strung out on life
And you're thrown in each direction by the truth and the lies

Well you're no good for anyone if you're no good for you
Take a good look in the mirror and ask about what your world has come to
And not just your world but all of those that you touch
Because your actions speak louder than others' faith in us.

Time For A Change by Eric Cragin

Well it's time for a change
Yes, it's time for a change
Things aren't working out
So it's time for a change

Don't you know you're not alone?
There are others who feel your pain and rage
Don't give up your fight
The rich get rich and the poor get poorer
The lawyers make the case and guess who's the loser
 That's us, and ethics and common sense
And kindness, and caring, and all of the rest

Everyday Tragedy by Eric Cragin

Endless conversations go on, over  who to blame
Oh what a shame
We can't stop fighting long enough to see all the blood
How many more people have to die, because people way up high
Didn't want you to hear, what they had to say
How many times can they break your heart, tear it apart
Break your heart, tear it apart, break your heart.

What does it take to break another mother's heart?
You read about it everyday, they put a bullet through her baby's heart
How can we feel nothing at all?
How can we feel nothing at all?

How can we feel nothing at all?
How would we feel if we got that call?
Could you come down here and identify this piece of flesh?
We found him in the park today with a hole blown through his chest.

How can we feel nothing at all?
How can we feel nothing at all?


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